Urban red foxes on Prince Edward Island: REPORT YOUR SIGHTINGS

PEI Urban Fox ProjectWe need your help in conducting a study of the ecology and behaviour of urban foxes on Prince Edward Island. We need data about the distribution, abundance, movement, and habitat of island foxes. The best source of this data is you. 

This UPEI-PEI Fish & Wildlife Division research PROJECT DEPENDS ON PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. If you see a red fox in an urban or rural area, participate in this project by reporting your sighting on this website. Please feel free to elaborate with the details of your sighting. The more you can tell us, the more valuable your contribution.

To view reported urban red fox sightings to date, please visit our map.

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Please record all available details of your red fox sighting using the map and form below.

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Please indicate what the animal(s) was doing (walking, being fed, etc).
Do you know of any fox dens in the area? Please describe the den and location. If the den is on your property, please contact upeiredfox@gmail.com or include your email address in the form so that we can contact you so we can arrange permission to examine the den.
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